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Portugal is a stunning place and giant waves are super hard to catch. No giant waves, but perfect landscapes, beautiful coastline, lovely villages, nice people! In your post, you claimed that the “biggest wave ever surfed was a 111 feet (34 meters) wave ridden by Garret McNamara here in Nazaré”, but the size of that wave was actually 78 feet as reported in numerous publications (Forbes, Guinness World Records, etc.). Totally forgot that there is a science to it. When I went to Portugal last year I didn’t know the waves were there only a few days of the year. Btw. Maja set a new world record this year for the highest surfed wave by a woman. With most of Real’s squad already back in training ahead of the start of the new season, Varane shared some tender moments with the likes of Luka Modric, Marcelo and even Gareth Bale. It would be harsh to lay too much of the blame at Varane’s door, given few centre-backs would have been able to stem the flow of attacks United had to deal with in 2023-24. Outside of those playing for United’s Big Six rivals, there are not many who can get the ball from the edge of one penalty area to the other in the same way as an in-form Maguire.

Otherwise, she would just be a normal person living a normal life without her information being known to the world. Wow. My jaw just dropped reading this! Wow! Stunning pictures. How did you manage to capture these? Wow this is so cool! This is absolutely amazing! I will be in the Lisbon area this winter and hope to see some of those monster waves thanks to a piece on CBS’s “60 Minutes” as well as your very creative blog post. Would love to see more of portugal and make this a definite point of my visit. Would you mind to share the coordinates of the place uphill overlooking the lighthouse? I wish you tons of fun! You will love Portugal, it’s a fantastic country. But the applause for his next Atletico goal will not be as resonant as the cheering he heard in Lyon. And one of those two losses came at Aston Villa in September when the only goal of the game came after Maguire had gone off injured. So, the best way for you to know TFC 25 off coupons at the first time is to sign up for our newsletter. So, unfortunately, I missed them…

I’d like to see them from a save place though! As you say, Maillot Atlético de Madrid 2023/2024 Pas Cher – Fort Maillot the pictures probably don’t do them justice. Ride on and don’t look behind! There are plenty of awesome places in Portugal and Nazaré is one of the most picturesque ones! The 30 day period leaves plenty of room for players to grind for fodder and do the SBC for cheap. There’s a 4¼-hour crossing (two or three per day) from Poole to Cherbourg with Brittany Ferries. I use a Canon t6i, two lenses (10-22 and 18-135) and Hoya filters. He went on to break the club’s scoring record for a debut season, and was named in the 2014-15 La Liga Team of the Season. Thank you Tasha, I couldn’t stop watching them, I was hypnotized! Thank you Ariana! I think you will love Portugal! Thank you for sharing. Thank you! It was crazy! Thank you so much!

Thank you Jurga! Yes, check them out, you might be super lucky! I still can’t believe you got some of these photos without dying. The photos both terrify and excite me. . Treatment Foster Care families care for the youth needs in their homes and communities, reducing the need for hospitalization and to prevent more restrictive placements. More work is needed to determine which aspects of depression (and other psychiatric symptoms) are specifically related to functional loss. Ahaha, waves are my lifelong obsession! What a great post about an aspect of travelling I never think about – waves! It freaks me out a bit to think of waves that big. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. I found the small dots (the surfers) on the photos, oh my, these waves are really huge. Oh yes they are! November might be a good time if you are lucky! We are now planning to go over winter again and my main focus is on seeing these giants finally.

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