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We split the guide into two parts: (a) the main Digital Distribution Guide (DDG), which is platform-focused, and divided into narratives, docs, shorts and episodic; and (b) the TFC Digital Distribution Guide Facebook Group, for general news in the digital distribution space. However, the specific skills required for verbal fluency (e.g., initiation and generation of items from a category) may be less critical for the performance of the functional tasks assessed by the UHDRS, like driving and managing finances, which are probably better captured by tests of working memory, attention, and processing speed. For example, is self-reported depression reflective of the classically defined syndrome of Major Depressive Disorder, or is there a component of depression unique to HD that may contribute to functional decline (e.g., physical symptoms such as fatigue vs. Third, there may be some bias with regard to patients who returned for follow-up which may limit the generalizability of these findings (e.g., only patients with less severe pathology may have been able to return to the clinic). A caveat in the interpretation of these results is that the assessment of depression was obtained only from the UHDRS psychiatric assessment, which should be considered a screening measure.

Depression was less strongly predictive of functional impairment than motor and cognitive performance. UHDRS total motor score was the clinical variable most strongly associated with the FAS items endorsed by this sample, as shown in Table 2. Motor performance was highly predictive of loss of ability to work, manage finances, drive and supervise children. This finding supports the motor exam as a key component of clinical and/or research monitoring as measured by the current UHDRS standardized assessment because it was most strongly associated with functional performance. However, because diagnosis was based on the presence of motor signs, patients with atypical phenotypes would not be represented in this sample. Additionally, clinicians should be sensitive to changes in these functional areas even before formal diagnosis, as more than half reported not being able to do their accustomed work and a third could not manage finances or drive safely. In conclusion, functional deficits are common, even in individuals who are not yet diagnosed, and should be carefully monitored. Verbal fluency might better capture more subtle changes in flexibility in verbal processing and problem solving that are not currently assessed on the FAS. However, as more detailed functional assessments become available to capture earlier and more subtle changes in daily function, the role of motor and cognitive performance and psychiatric status will need to be re-evaluated.

Our new and improved Digital Distribution Guide (DDG)-which was once only available to TFC members-is now in BETA and available to everybody. It sounds like admin issues in Spain mean there’s now a race against time to get the deals over the line. Candidates selected for an in-person audition will be notified following submission to confirm an audition time at Symphony Hall. Candidates are asked to comply with the BSO’s safety protocols, which for chorus candidates includes a requirement to be up-to-date on COVID vaccinations (which means fully vaccinated plus eligible boosters). Although the current study utilized a large, collaborative database which allowed us to examine this important research question, some limitations should be noted. This finding also has implications for the diagnosis of dementia in patients with early HD as functional impairment is a criterion for a dementia diagnosis, which may be more common at early stages than is currently recognized. For example, in patients who are in stage 1 or are not yet diagnosed, it may be appropriate to ask only those questions and continue the full assessment only if there are impairments noted.

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